Week One: #TheTruthIs

The 21st century has bequeathed us with more instant access to each other, across time zones and distances, than ever before in history, however there is much less really being said.

When you chat via any one of the self-replicating Instant Messaging platforms, do you remind yourself to stay in tune with what your current social-media persona is? No? Okay, that’s just me then.

Imagine yourself walk down the marble-floored isle of a completely silent, library, church or mausoleum. Hear that irritating, loud click and scrape from a pebble caught in the treads of your shoe? That’s a lot like what we carry around in our heads when we have to pretend or sustain a lie.

This week’s challenge is for unburdening. For those who dare be honest, while remaining anonymous or using a fictional name, leave a comment or tell a random person about something you’ve lied or pretended about. See if you don’t feel better afterwards.

After all, what’s the purpose of creating friendships that don’t create neutral, non-judgmental space for interaction between people? If you can’t be yourself without fear, why are you there?



2 thoughts on “Week One: #TheTruthIs

  1. You know this some truth I have been thinking about. It feels easier to tell a lie and live someone else’s life than mine. I have to constantly remind myself that I am first and foremost ME then a member of the society.
    Happy new year Andre.

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