Perfect Failures.

What do you want to change about the past? What would you change if you could? A year ago, that’s a question I would have answered easily and off-handedly, a year later; things have changed enough to be starkly contrasting.

Some of our greatest mistakes are also our best opportunities to rise above and go beyond our current limits, although I am well aware that even that doesn’t make the turbulence that comes with such change any more appealing. But how do you become the future you which you imagine is perfect and are so keen on bringing to be, without the past that serves as a backdrop for it? And have you any idea how many times one of your mistakes kept you away from a bit of ‘good luck’ which would have been ultimately detrimental to you, further down the line?

It’s easy to isolate our errors in imagination and see all that we would alternatively have been, but there’s also the mediocre, unenlightened, shallow, opportunistic, petty, spoiled, mewling product of that life which you would have become without them. Yes, I wish I had done better in the past, but I’m thankful that I was foolish enough to have screwed up enough to lose what seemed at the time like a perfect opportunity, but was really the opposite, that living otherwise would have brought me.


2 thoughts on “Perfect Failures.

  1. This reminds me of one of my favorite sayings: Be like the water. Every phase in our lives happens for good. It may be perceived as ‘failure’ through our mortal eyes. Best we can do is ask ‘life what are you trying to teach me’. Thanks for this piece, definitely a great read.

  2. Rightly said, my past does make me who I am, and I would change nothing about my past…mistakes and all have made me into a version of me I always wanted to meet…loving the new me, scars and all…

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