Beyoncé, Grammy Awards & This Thing We Made

The old-timers say it all the time, they remind anyone who will listen or isn’t moving fast enough to be out of earshot before the words can come out, that the world was a different place in their time, and people behaved differently and better. Those old timers and their tall tales, right?

I don’t know if there was ever a time in the history of our species when there were rivers of milk and honey (I never got that reference either, I’m lactose intolerant and indifferent to honey, if those were rivers of chocolate though…lol) but I’m grown up enough to understand that comfort, peace, happiness and morals are all relative concepts, especially those last ones. Our old timers are ready to decry Beyonce for her choice of costume at the Grammy awards, but they existed in an era where Larry Flint’s Hustler, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy were all in existence and available at news stands on many a street corner, but things weren’t that bad then?

The concepts we live by are transient ideas that are strongly affected by the indigenous beliefs, history and traditions of the people, and of course the dominant religion of the era, (dig up ancient Inca or Roman religious beliefs and be amazed at what excesses were commonly permissible in that day!) and since most ideas come from people, either as strong Alpha Male
/Female individuals, or strong Alpha Pack collectives, who’s to say beyond personal opinions of right and wrong, what actually is positive-right and/or negative-wrong?

Final thoughts before I leave for the airport though; if you were an observer of alien cultures and stumbled onto ours, in the same way that you stumble onto deep-sea marine life and their lifestyles on NatGeo, for want of a better description, would you be terribly impressed by mankind? And if you had no religious beliefs to speak of in the way that our species does, what would you attribute our civilizations collective cultural directions to?

I’m still not an anarchist, lol.


One thought on “Beyoncé, Grammy Awards & This Thing We Made

  1. In response to your question…I would attribute our collective cultural directions to evolution. In my opinion that is all there is to it.

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