The Deafening Dumbness.

Do we give other people too much power over us? At the risk of sounding like an elementary anarchist, isn’t it possible that we may have agreed without knowing, to accept the mostly irrelevant input that others bring to our lives just because we don’t want to be seen as the bad guy?

When was the last time you applied the random wisdom of the guy at the ‘low cost cafeteria’ (read as Bukka) you visit when the end of the month seems farther than Jack had to swim after the Titanic went down? Truth is, some warning sign tells us these people would be better of taking some of their own advice, and since they haven’t, you should probably not follow suit.

Who’s not bringing their quota of drive to operation Becoming The Best You, That You Can Be? Grab hold of the tethers that attach them to your life. Got it? Good! Here is a pair of scissors; it’s early enough in the year that your little snip-snip wont be noticed before the obviousness of the lack of value of the one you cut off is incontestable. The future belongs to those who will take her in the present. Tomorrow is a dream, yesterday is history; all you get is now. Own it.


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