And Now; Live!

One day, many millions of years ago, (or maybe just over six thousand, depending on whether you believe science or religion’s version of the age of the world and the human race) representatives of our race of sentient beings decided to do certain things, and disregard others completely.

Maybe that’s not exactly how it happened, but I’m loath to think that convention has been with us for the entire span of the existence of the human race thus far. At what point did we ascribe superior importance to a gender, at what point did the gender that was placed underneath accept and begin to believe it?

    An unshaken hand is an insult, even when there might be (scratch that, there are) germs on it, an adventurous female fits in to three, or five letter words that nobody says in church or at the mosque, the possession of wealth is the right to be right always, and when we gather together, everyone is alright, nobody is broke, sick, divorced, failing, doubting their self-worth, or falling on the crutch of a controlled substance.
We made these rules one day, I think. Seated around a fire made by rubbing two dinosaur bones together perhaps, we decided that going forth, these would be the acceptable borders of behavior.

      Nobody thought to wait for me to get born and be called into that meeting, so I will totally disregard all of that. Convention, as I have said before, are suggestions of appropriate behavior, but evolution is the decision to survive irrespective of who’s ox gets gored, and the meeting beside that fire, I totally agree with.

Stop reacting. Until you take your life into your hands, and decide where it goes next, you essentially don’t have a life. You are who you say you are, so find the beautiful silence away from everyone else, and in the quiet of that solitude, to your own hearing, say who you are.


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