Write Through.

Writers block, the mischievous spirit that lies in wait for all writers, calmly poised to strike at the moment when they need their creativity the most. I have heard a lot of authors speak about this, but until fairly recently, even though I had experienced it a countless number of times, I had never given thought to the idea that maybe it wasn’t something that only writers experienced.

Do engineers, doctors and the like have moments where they are devoid of the ability to perform their professional tasks? If they do, I haven’t heard of it at all.  So why do writers, often the most painstaking of the creative line, suffer this so much?

In 1990 I fell in love with a peculiar book who’s author’s work inspired and has continued to inspire me since then, and I have dreamed of writing something in honor of the timeless tome of brilliant penmanship.

   In the beginning, I didn’t do this because I was busy, I had to attend school, find my passions, attend more school, find my calling, have a girlfriend, maintain a relationship, with all the attention it demanded, and then there was work, and there has been work for the last 11 years.

Asked a few days ago why I hadn’t written it yet, (just like I have been asked if my long-promised mixtape was ever going to be heard, or just imagined) I blamed writers block for it. Yeah right. For twenty-three years? Balls.

I forgot the most important thing about being a creative person a while ago, and only remembered it recently. If you’re a doctor (dentist, surgeon, pediatrician) your job is to heal, if you’re an engineer (mechanical, electrical, petroleum) your job is to make stuff work.

If you’re a creative (actor, writer, editor, painter, dancer, sculptor, director) your job is to reach into the vacuum of nothing, grab a handful of thin air, and create something from it. I recognize the obstacle that is writers block, I’m not saying it is an excuse or imaginary, I’m saying that gravity was an obstacle too, until someone figured out how to make airplanes.

Dare to be great.


One thought on “Write Through.

  1. Okay Andre, this is fantastic..I’ve watched you on tv and suddenly decided to google you and see what would come up..Alas! It was a beautiful mind inside a man..i’ll follow this blog for as long as possible. This has really affected me…Bless

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